About Us

Do you know any places where adults turn into children?

Such a fantastic transformation is possible in toy stores – because here parents remember their childhood dreams and suddenly understand: these dreams can come true. What can we say about children who always ask to buy them a new toy. But there are shops in which buying becomes a secondary matter, and a miracle comes out in the first place: the miracle of the game, where everything is possible.

We are glad to welcome you to our online store HollyHoop.com

Delight in the eyes of your child!
The joy of positive emotions in adults!

A large selection of toys, that's what we can offer you with trepidation.

The world of childhood is a world of sensations. This is the world when your baby begins to learn about the environment through communication with loved ones, and, of course, this formation comes from the game. Therefore, when choosing a toy for your baby, do not forget that you care about his future.

In our online store, everything is as clear and convenient as possible in order to place an order. Here you will find a huge selection, the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of shopping right from home, just sitting on the couch with a laptop in your hands and looking at the product you are interested in while the dear child sleeps side by side. In addition to children, we have a huge range of amazing products for all ages and genders.

Our company works only with trusted suppliers who have passed quality certification.
We strive to offer the latest fashion and trends in all the products we offer.

We will be happy to advise you and accept your order by responding to your wishes by e-mail: support@hollyhoop.com.

The assortment is updated every week, promotions are held for new positions. There is also a flexible system of discounts for our regular customers!

Our advantages:
+ Compliance of the product with all standards and quality requirements.
+ Prompt delivery.
+ Any product that you wish, we can bring for you individually under the order.
+ Constant availability of goods in stock.
+ We work directly with trusted manufacturers.
+ Choose the most unusual holiday toys that will help you arrange a real party for adventure lovers!

Learn playfully, play usefully!
Learning and playing at the same time is very easy!

So, are you ready to enjoy the feeling of delight and joy from positive emotions right now?

Then you just need to choose the toy you like and place an order.
Our main task is to give happy emotions and benefit our customer!

Since the opening of our store in 2018, we have always had one philosophy – to make sure that the product you choose is right for you. We are happy to offer competitive prices and will be happy to help you throughout your journey through our store.

We believe that our success depends on your satisfaction!

As our valued customer, you are our number one priority!

With respect and love, HollyHoop team.