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1/12 360-5 RC Hydraulic Excavator Metal Model

1/12 360-5 RC Hydraulic Excavator Metal Model

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1/12 360-5 RC Hydraulic Excavator Metal Model 

Vehicle Plus package: 35Kg

Material-Body: steel plate,Aluminum Alloy etc.

Hydraulic pump: Italian Pump (factory3.5mpa)

Hydraulic valve: Intravenous Valve

Walking: Latest version walking

The hydraulic oil cylinder: Stainless steel and brass

Track: 5CM all-steel track

Electrical adjustment: hao ying electrical adjustment

Rotation: kuting latest rotation

Add cooling system

Body size: length* Width * height: 922*272*292mm (Transport dimensions)

Track the outer width: 272MM

The maximum rise force 15KG

The theoretical maximum lifting force 60KG

The maximum digging radius 893 (mm)

Maximum digging depth 468 (mm)

The largest mining height 959 (mm)
※The Package Includes:

1/12 RC Excavator
Hydraulic System
Light System
RC Controller & Receiver
11.1V 3S 5200mAh Lithium Battery

※The Package Doesn't Include:
- without sound Group and light group (the product with light in the photo is upgraded product, for reference only)

The rotation number: No limit

Chassis minimum ground clearance37.5(mm)

Remote control:FS-9, axe 8 No. 5 batteries or 3S lithium batteries (please pay attention to the positive and negative electrode connection method)

Power supply voltage:12V, use 3S lithium battery 5200MHA,(length 140MM width 45MM height 40MM size)

Two pieces can be put in parallel to extend the working time,The battery need to purchase another

Pump Flow1.2L/MIN, rated pressure 3. 5MPA (hydraulic system uses No. 32 hydraulic oil by default)

Reversing valve:3-way median oil return high power reversing valve

Car: seat decoration is not included.

Paint: use car paint
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