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1/14 RC Metal Hydraulic Excavator Crawler

1/14 RC Metal Hydraulic Excavator Crawler

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1/14 RC Metal Hydraulic Excavator Crawler 

946EW machine information:

1. 8 Medium hydraulic valve
2. Hydraulic working pressure 4 mpa
3. The oil ring is inside, the body rotates infinitely
4. 4 Driving wheel
5. Automatic center position steering system
6. Automatic bucket
7. Digital hydraulic gauge
8. The LCD display
9.14 channel remote control
10. It has a sound and light system
11. Standard large and small buckets, ripper, hydraulic bucket or wide bucket or hydraulic valve
12. With spare parts by default: screws, gaskets, connectors, hoses, rubber rings
13. Made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper drill bit plastic
Machine weight: 21KG
Battery space: 180×60×35mm
Choose XT60, 3S lipid linker
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