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1/14 RC NEW Hydraulic Excavator K970-100S

1/14 RC NEW Hydraulic Excavator K970-100S

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1/14 RC NEW Hydraulic Excavator K970-100S 

K970-100S excavator; used hydraulic pliers or hydraulic shears (choose one from 2; note when ordering)

K970-100S-SME new upgrade:
1: The main engine adds 2 oil circuits;
2: Increase the fast automatic hydraulic conversion head;
3: Upgraded remote control PL18 EV LITE
Premium For the upgrade version, the upgrade items are as follows:
1: Add quick hydraulic joints to realize quick connection to the oil circuit and facilitate the installation of hydraulic tools
2. Upgrade to a 5-dimensional remote control, making it more convenient to operate hydraulic tools
3. The new 970, whether it is the advanced version or the advanced version, has upgraded the appearance, increased the toolbox door lock, and the side door is transparent.
4. After upgrading the engineering rotating lights
5. Upgrade the coarse filter and its GPS after effects
The whole car involves a variety of processing processes, such as CNC machine, wire cutting,
etching, laser cutting, copper tube bending, laser welding, sheet metal tin welding, electroplating,
lost wax, sandblasting, anode, etc.
The process is complicated and the assembly is difficult. Just to present a perfect 970 to everyone
Packing method: inner high density pearl cotton + medium wooden box or aluminum alloy box + outer carton tie
Dimensional drawing of the retraction of the upper and lower arms

Dimensions with the forearm extended
The integrated modular hydraulic circuit system is as follows:

Bucket size as shown below:
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