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1/14 6x6 RC Metal Offroad Truck

1/14 6x6 RC Metal Offroad Truck

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1/14 6x6 RC Metal Offroad Truck

The delivery list includes: 6*6 trucks, remote control, ESC Hobbywing 1060, Flextronics custom slow-speed steering gear, motor Snow Leopard 35T;

Scale: 1:14
Color: As Shown.
Material: Metal + Plastic

Size: length 734, width 230, height 273 (excluding antenna 233), MM
Packaged size: 860*370*340MM Packaged weight: 10.5KG
Wheelbase: total wheelbase 482, front axle to middle axle 367, middle axle to rear axle 115, MM
Front shock absorber travel: 20 MM
Gearbox: All-metal simulated planetary two-speed gearbox

Axle: Metal axle with locking differential function, both front and rear axles can have differential locking function, at the same time differential locking, three positions of steering gear, the left position is the first gear locking differential, the middle position is the first gear non-locking differential, the right position is second gear

Compartment: All aluminum alloy CNC machining, three sides can be opened, with strap buckle

Chassis: Front suspension with anti-roll bar, all metal except battery box, simulated pedals, tool box, oil tank, exhaust tank, spare tire frame, metal girder, metal hub, tow hook, etc.
Remote control: Dumbo X6
ESC: Hobbywing 10600
Servo: Flextronics customized slow version of 2 servos
Motor: Snow Leopard 35T

Battery specification: 3S, 5200mAh, 11.1V, above 25C; battery compartment size: 142*45*40MM (the battery size can be within this range)
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