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Interactive Cat Ball

Interactive Cat Ball

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Interactive Cat Ball

Does your cat exhibit destructive behavior, such as tearing your pillows or scratching your furniture? This is often due to boredom.

The good news is that this fun interactive ball can easily fix this.

Entertain and stimulate the mental development of your pets with the interactive Smart Cat game ball. This not only entertains them, but also helps them burn off excess energy so that they can take a nap after each session of playing with this ball.

The ball simply moves every time the cat runs to it, often rolling or bouncing, stimulating your cat's hunting instincts. The ball even makes a sound every time your cat lightly touches it. Each colored ball makes its own sound, so choose the sound that attracts your cats the most. You can even fill the ball with catnip to attract the cat to play with it.


1. Entertains your cat for hours

2. Helps the cat burn energy and relieves boredom 3. Has lightness and slow bounce, specially designed for cats


1. Quality ball

2. Touch sensitive

3. Makes a sound every time the cat touches it

4. Pink ball makes the sound of a bird, blue ball - the sound of a frog, yellow - the sound of a cricket.

5. Can be filled with catnip

6. Diameter - 5 cm

How to use: Fill the ball with catnip, add batteries, and then watch your cat play with the ball

What's included: one ball

Material: Plush

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