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Oshkosh M911 U.S. Army + Transformer / Boiler Bridge Low

Oshkosh M911 U.S. Army + Transformer / Boiler Bridge Low

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Oshkosh M911 U.S. Army + Transformer / Boiler Bridge Low

Oshkosh M911 :

- 8x6 Powertrain with Differentials
- 6 Motors (2x XL for Drive, 1x Servo for Steering, 1x M for Idling, 1x M for Winch, 1x M for Lift Axle)
- Remote Controlled (Drive, Steering, Winch, Lift Axle)
- 2 Gears (manually switched) (Heavy Duty Gear, Normal Drive Gear)
- All Axles suspended (incl. Lift Axle)
- Diesel Sound generated mechanically (stepless from Idle to full Throttle via adder)
- Self-locking Saddle Plate
- Lift Axle electrically adjustable
- 1 Winch electrically operated
- 1 Winch manually operated
- Scale 1:19

- Five fully suspended and sprung Axles (2-Axis Forerunner, 3-Axis Trailer)
- Height Adjustment of the Gooseneck (Height between Kingpin and Floor: 70...85mm)
- For the associated Saddle Plates see MOC-31986 (big) 
- Support Mechanism for Gooseneck on Forerunner
- Simple adjustable Auxiliary Crane for Spare Wheels
- Usable Lenght for Freight: 330mm
- Only intended for loading from above , no possibility of opening for Vehicles! It´s a Boiler Bridge!

Technical specifications:
- There are 4218 pieces of building blocks in the set 
- Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic. Harmless to the health of the child.
- Compatible with all major brands
Size: about 163 х 20 х 21 см

The possibility of choosing a model: one with and without engines

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