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1/16 RC All-metal Tiger I

1/16 RC All-metal Tiger I

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1/16 RC All-metal Tiger I

Main Feature:

Smoke Simulation: Create a powerful battle disease.

Omnidirectional walking: omnidirectional walking without 360 degree coverage

Turret Rotation: The turret can be rotated 360 degrees to accurately capture the target.

Barrel lift: You can change the height of the barrel up and down to deploy the target

Projectile Launch: Simulate the launch of bullets for many speeds and events.

Imitation of recoil: the impact of tank recoil when firing projectiles

Hanging in reverse transformation: Suspension with torsion bar in reverse implementation, Easily enhances different terrain by moving through different terrain.

Sound light effect: Imitation of sharp sound and cool LED light

Tower Steering support device: Get 360 degree rotation without studying.

Adjustable seat for fixing the wheel: free adjustment of the tension of the prostate caterpillar

Fully sealed metal drive gear: rotation of the rotary bearing gearbox, which makes the work more accurate and enables the service life.

TK-6.1 professional electronic board: built-in photovoltaic system, weapon barrel activation system, cooling fan power supply, WIFI image transmission power supply, infrared combat system, two-way servo output, 8-way LED output, etc.

Smoke wave box with metal body: solid and approaching, with the expected approach of smoke, creating a strong rotation frequency.

Large size: increase the metal partition, improve the space for transformation

Product Ratio: 1:16

Product material: all-metal; plastic housing (depending on the selected version)

Remote control frequency: 2.4G

Remote control distance: about 30 meters

Housing battery: battery 7.4V 3800mAh (included)

Remote Control Battery: 6 x 1.5V (not included)

Product size: Approx. 52 x 23 x 18 cm

Usage time: about 60 minutes

Package List:
1 * radio-controlled tank
1 * remote control
1 * battery
1 * set of other parts
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