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New radio-controlled articulated dump truck

New radio-controlled articulated dump truck

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We'll just be upfront and say it - this model has the most detailed and advanced drivetrain we've ever seen. It has a quad differential setup as well as gearing embedded into the wheel hub. 

Its articulated body style allows each axle to move independently, making this one of the most capable off roaders ever released. 

Dimensions: 63cm x 20 cm x 21cm

Key Features:
- Over 3000pcs
- Over 60cm Long
- Articulated Body 
- Independent Axle Movement
- Opening Hood
- Engine with Rotating Pistons
- Dual Acting Dump Movement 
- Remote Controlled Drive
- Remote Controlled Steering
- Remote Controlled LED Lights (Front + Back)
Remote Controlled Dump Movement
- Heavy Duty Off Road Tyres
- 4 Differential Setup
- Embedded Wheel Hub Gearing
- Instruction Manual Included in Parcel
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