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Children Busy Board for Young Researchers

Children Busy Board for Young Researchers

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Children Busy Board for Young Researchers

An adventure game board for curious kids.
Let your kid go on a sensory adventure with this unique game. A great way to discover colors, animals, mechanisms and shapes that contribute to brain development.

This toy is perfect when you need to take a ride in a car. This will keep them busy and challenge them for a long period of time. Very suitable for a vacation trip. The puzzle game is perfect for curious and inquisitive kids. The touch toy contains many fantastic surprises and is great.

✓ Stimulates brain development

Since your baby will have to do his own research, this will stimulate the brain. Educational and educational toy for the little ones. 

✓ Convenient for traveling

This plate is convenient to take with you on a trip. Hours of fun for your little one so that you can not be distracted from driving.

✓ Quality

The toy is made of high-quality material, which guarantees a long service life.

✓ Safe

The puzzle game is made of high-quality wood. The board does not contain sharp edges and toxic substances, so it is 100% safe for young children. 

Size: 30*22 cm
Material: Tree

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