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Interactive Snake

Interactive Snake

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Interactive Snake

Your cat's new best friend. Are you one of those owners who like to pamper their cats with love and gifts? If yes, then this is the perfect toy for you. This electronic snake toy will start crawling as soon as it is turned on. His eyes will flash, his tongue will stretch out, and his tail will start moving and immediately attract the attention of your cat. It will perform all these functions for about 1 minute before returning to the inactive state. The snake has a touch mode on the top of its head, and its running function can be activated by placing a hand on its head.

It is extremely important for cats to stay busy and be on their feet when they are awake. This is due to the fact that most cats become lazy after they turn 2 years old, and therefore they need to be kept active to prevent heart disease and diabetes. This electronic rattlesnake toy will not only strengthen the health of your cat, but also relieve her from boredom. It only needs to be charged for 40 minutes by connecting the USB cable to the charging port.

Size: 39cm x 4cm
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