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Drinking bowl for animals without splashes

Drinking bowl for animals without splashes

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Drinking bowl for animals without splashes

Differences between Type A and Type B:

Type A size: 225mm X 185 mm X 78 mm, volume: 1.5L with bottom non-slip gasket

Type B size: 190 mm X 181 mm X 80 mm, volume: 1 L without bottom non-slip gasket


Avoid wet saliva: This slow drinker has plates and water overflow holes that can perfectly prevent pets from moistening and splashing their mouths.

Waterproof and easy to care for: The double design of the waterproof frame and floating plate effectively prevents overflow.

Pet drinkers keep the floor clean and tidy. The pet drinker is easy to disassemble and assemble, suitable for weekly cleaning, absolutely clean to ensure the health of the pet.

Slow water consumption: The floating plate design with automatic adjustment can reduce the pet's drinking water speed.

Large capacity: Dimensions: The large capacity is enough for pets to drink water during the day.

Ideal for all occasions: the excellent splash-proof design ensures that it will not overflow even on uneven roads.

It is suitable for a variety of vehicles, suitable for home, office, studio, outdoor travel, walking and other activities.
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