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Foldable pet food storage bucket

Foldable pet food storage bucket

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Foldable pet food storage bucket

An innovative way to keep food fresh, the Foldable Food Storage Container is the ultimate space-saving device. It takes up less room than its regular counterparts and will keep food fresh for up to 6 days longer. Thanks to its unique design, it even folds flat when not in use, so it can be tucked away in a drawer or cupboard to save space.

- Foldable design, saving space, easy to fold and store grain.
- One bucket is multi-purpose, moisture-proof, and insect-proof, strong and reliable.
- The performance of sealing is good, you need not worry about the food quality after you put them for a long term time.
- The selected material is high-quality, durable construction, safe and healthy.
- It is not only a pet food container but also a creative decor in your home.

Capacity: 12-15kg (Due to the different density of dog food in each country, it can be loaded with 10-15kg in theory) 
Материал: PP+plastic+silicone
Color: Green/Pink
Features: Foldable
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