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Roller for removing hair from sofas, clothes and furniture

Roller for removing hair from sofas, clothes and furniture

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Roller for removing hair from sofas, clothes and furniture

About this product

【Quick Pet Hair Removal】: Remove pet hair in a second. This pet hair removal roller can easily clean cat/dog hair from your bed, furniture, sofa, couch, chair, car, carpet and so on.
 Note: Not suitable for smooth, hard surfaces such as wood, tile, formica and concrete; wet surfaces; clothes and thin carpets.
【No Adhesive or Sticky Tape】: Our pet hair roller is reusable due to its self-cleaning design. You just need to roll back and forth on the surface of the furniture to collect the pet hair, then open the lid and remove the pet hair, the product is ready to use again without replacing a new one. This will help you save your money and your time.
【Double Sided Hair Removal】: Our hair removal brush has been upgraded based on the traditional hair removal brush. It has a bi-directional brush head. You can rotate the brush head back and forth to remove shedding dog and cat hair more effectively and quickly.
【Reusable and Easy to Clean】: After the pet hair is collected, just press the button to open and empty the waste compartment of the fur remover for the next use.
【Eco-Friendly and Durable】: ABS body with PP roller and nylon sticker brush.      Pet Hair Remover is the perfect gift for pet lovers. Buy this pet hair remover and give yourself and your family a fur-free home.

Product function introduction

electrostatic adsorption
2.0GET THE LOCKPress the button on the handle to
Open the camera
Compartment for pet hair and lint
4. NOISE REDUCTION WHEEL. Turn it back and forth to collect hair.
The design is designed to provide optimal comfort for you and prevent stress or injury due to prolonged use.
The best helper for pet owners

Do you have dogs, cats or other pets at home?
Are you still worried about pet hair on your sofa, carpet, bed, pillow, etc.?
The self-cleaning, reusable pet hair removal roller does not require batteries or power.
Simply roll this hair removal tool back and forth to collect hair in a container in a short time. You will find that the container is full of pet hair and the furniture is as clean as ever.
Simple, convenient and efficient.
It's definitely a good helper for pet hair problems! --- A must have for all pet lovers.
The best gift for pet lovers.

Patented high quality brush system
Actual product size: 19cm * 18cm * 5.8cm
Package dimensions: 9.61 x 8.74 x 2.24 inches
Package weight: 245 g
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