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New style of eternal rose

New style of eternal rose

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New style of eternal rose

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Box: plastic
Flower material: real flower (can be up to 3-5 without fading and withering)
Size: 15X18cm

High translucent acrylic box, exquisite leather strap

Inside are eternal flower roses and eternal flower leaves

1. Due to the lighting, the pictures taken by the camera may differ somewhat from the actual product.
2. The material and ambient temperature of each batch of flowers are different, and it is normal for the color to be slightly different.

Please understand that there are differences in manual measuremen


1. The item Preserved Rose Flower is made of superior rose material, high class flower and excellent clarity glass, and made by skilful technician.
2. Bright colors, never withered flowers, long life.
3. Different meaning of different colors, more meaningful
4. The best choice for holiday gifts
5. Application: Valentine's Day, holiday gifts etc.

* Since the flowers are produced in different batches, they are more or less different from the colors on the pictures. If you mind, place your order carefully.

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