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BT8 8X8 8WD 1/12 RC Wheeled Armored Amphibious Vehicle

BT8 8X8 8WD 1/12 RC Wheeled Armored Amphibious Vehicle

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CROSSRC BT8 8X8 8WD 1/12 RC Wheeled Armored Amphibious Vehicle

Battery compartment size 135* 42*28
The BT8 prototype is a 4-axle, 8-wheel-drive armored transport vehicle from the 1980s that can carry 3 crew members and 7 crew members.

 The maximum speed on the road can't reach 80 KM/H, the maximum battery life is 600 KM, and it has the ability to float.

 The maximum speed in the water is 10KM/H. There are still many countries and peacekeeping forces still using it.

 BT8 presents the appearance, structure and function of the original car.

 Vehicles length: 700mm width: 278mm height 266mm; the minimum turning radius is 0.53meters.
BT8 adopts all-metal, 8-wheel independent suspension structure, which greatly improves the strength and impact resistance of the driving system.
The 8-wheel independent suspension is modeled on a real car. It uses 8 sets of torsion bar springs and 12 shock-absorbing cylinders to provide sufficient support without losing its swinging posture. You can also adjust the player's ideal shock absorption effect by replacing the torsion bar set.
The all-wheel steering system adopts dual steering gears to control the steering of 1, 2 and 3, 4 axles respectively. Through the mixing operation, after adjusting the appropriate front and rear steering ratio, the minimum steering radius can achieve an ultra-small range of 0.53 meters.
BT8 pioneered the "straight-axis full-drive belt transmission system" of the dynamic simulation model. The lightweight transmission structure reduces weight and improves transmission efficiency, further lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle and enhancing the handling during crossing.
The BT8 is equipped with an all-metal gear 2-speed gearbox with power take-off. The gearbox adopts M0.8 die all-metal machined gears, which can be adapted to different types of powsystems.
The BT8 reference prototype is buoyant and uses a water jet for power takeoff in the water. We have designed two modes of independent motor drive and gearbox power drive for players to choose and install.
The amphibious design of the BT8 distributes the driving module and the equipment module in compartments, and separates dry and wet. Each level of module connection adopts a sealed waterproof design, which effectively reduces the difficulty of maintenance after playing in the water.
Simulation shape: BT8 is the same as the real car, equipped with a retractable wave board (water baffle), which can effectively prevent the water surface from overflowing the body when floating in the water.

The upper deck is equipped with an infinite rotation tower, and the KPVT main (6061 aluminum CNC) can be controlled up and down. The ultimate simulation, the PKT and 6 multi-purpose smoke devices and periscope, low-light and infrared night vision devices on the side are restored one by one.
Body details also include various metal tow hooks, cables, crash protection and external infantry armrests. (Note: For player safety, the long satellite dish shown in the picture is not included in the kit). The car is used by many different countries and peacekeeping troops. Players can DIY to make more different paints to match different puppet scenes, and look forward to more excellent works from players.
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