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A toy for bathing babies

A toy for bathing babies

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A toy for bathing babies

Being a parent is sometimes difficult, isn't it?

Well, at least when it comes to bathing your baby, it shouldn't be difficult!

A children's bathing toy is funny and attractive, it will appeal to your beloved baby.

Why should you choose a bathing toy for your child?

A toy for bathing a child, the only one of its kind that rotates and sprays a gentle stream of water.
Having fun with water contours, the child learns the concept of cause and effect! 

A bathing toy designed to give newborns a multi-sensory bathing experience.
This fun bathing toy will entertain and attract both newborns and babies, as well as toddlers, thanks to the adjustable tilt angle and portability.

Make your baby's bathing time always fun to learn and enjoy!


Material: High quality ABS plastic: odorless and non-toxic.
Easy to assemble.
Wall mounting
Cute and attractive character design.

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