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AN-225 "Mriya" + "Buran"

AN-225 "Mriya" + "Buran"

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AN-225 "Mriya" + "Buran"

The AN-225 "Mriya" is an ultra—large payload transport jet developed by the O. K. Antonov Design Bureau. It was the largest and heaviest aircraft in the history of world aviation.

Buran is a Soviet orbital rocket—plane of a reusable space transport system, created within the framework of the Energia — Buran program.

Buran made its first and only space flight on November 15, 1988 in automatic mode, without a crew on board; it was not launched again (Buran was designed for 100 flights into space). A number of technical solutions obtained during the creation of the Buran were used in Russian and foreign rocket and space technology. 
The reason for the construction of the AN-225 was the need to create an air transport system for the Buran reusable spacecraft project. The main purpose of the heavy transport aircraft within the framework of this project was the transportation of various components of the launch vehicle and spacecraft from the place of production and assembly to the launch site. There was also an important task of delivering the space shuttle to the cosmodrome in case it landed at alternate airfields.

In addition, the AN-225 was supposed to be used as the first stage of the spacecraft's air launch system, which required an aircraft with a payload capacity of at least 250 tons.

Since the blocks of the Energia launch vehicle and the Buran itself had dimensions exceeding the dimensions of the AN-225 cargo compartment, external cargo was provided for on the aircraft. The presence of a satellite jet from the oversized cargo fixed at the top of the fuselage required replacing the AN-124 single-keel tail unit with a two-keel one in order to avoid its aerodynamic shading.

Thus, the AN-225 was created as an aircraft designed to solve a narrow range of unique transport tasks, but the use of the AN-124 as a basis made it possible to use it as a super-heavy transport aircraft for the transportation of bulky cargo in the future.

- A set of 4023 pieces of building blocks
- High level of detail
- Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic. Harmless to the child's health.
Approximate Size: Size : L-81CM , W76CM, H-25CM

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