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A million years ago... real dinosaurs are exploding these days.

They will definitely be a fun addition to any children's car collection or dinosaur collection.

The front of the truck has a dinosaur head design. All accessories are made in the theme of dinosaurs. The attention of children can be easily attracted with this set of dinosaur toys.

Realistic front parts of the truck in the shape of dinosaurs T-rex and Triceratops will arouse your children's passion for dinosaurs and easily transport them to the fantastic land of dinosaurs.


Being a toy car, no battery is required to drive it. It's like a real transport truck, with transportation and storage functions. It can store all the little dinosaurs or other small toys in the storage box, it will not only teach them to sort things out, but also make their game more fun and fun.

This set of dinosaur cars is a great idea for a gift to your kids at a birthday party, Christmas or other event. Kids can play it with their friends at home, in the park, on the beach, in preschools, etc. Kids will enjoy driving a truck with dinosaurs already inside.

This truck is made of good quality plastic. Designed using high-quality and durable materials, environmentally friendly ABS plastic, safe and non-toxic. 


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