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Bathing dinosaur

Bathing dinosaur

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Bathing dinosaur

Let your child enjoy the bath!

Children are often difficult to get into the shower or bath. The bathroom toy will no longer be left alone. With this interactive toy, your baby will never give up bathing again. 

Since the toy works with water, all kinds of wheels will rotate so that the baby dinosaur can take a shower. A simple technical system gives your baby the opportunity to improve technical skills while playing in the bath. Thus, the toy performs not only an entertaining, but also an educational function.

In addition, this toy is the perfect bait to lure the baby into the bath. The eternal whining and arguments during bathing are now in the past. Kids love this cozy dinosaur toy.

✓ Entertains children while bathing. 

No more hassle to put your baby in the tub, with a bath toy it's the highlight of the day! 

✓ Improves technical understanding

Since the toy starts moving after the water is poured from above, this will stimulate the technical understanding of children. The boards will start to rotate, and streams of water will pour out of all sorts of holes. Educational and educational toy for the little ones. 

✓ Durable

The toy runs on water and does not consume electricity. In addition, the toy is made of high-quality material, which guarantees a long service life.

✓ Safe

The bathing toy is made of safe plastic that does not contain toxins. This, combined with the round edges, makes the toy 100% safe for young children. 

✓ Lightness
✓ Light weight
✓ Environmental friendliness
✓ 100% fun of the game

Step 1 
Attach the Baby Dino bathroom toy to the bathroom wall using suction cups.

Step 2 
Fill the top of the Baby Dino bath toy with water. 

Step 3
Let your child enjoy the mechanical water show.
Material: Plastic 
Dimensions: 22.5 x 21 cm.
*ATTENTION: due to high demand, the quantity of goods is limited.

Bathing toys are not sold in stores, so take advantage of this offer today, while the promotion is valid and is in stock.

Order Baby Dino Bath Toys directly and get FREE shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium only today.
Bathing dinosaurBathing dinosaurBathing dinosaurBathing dinosaurBathing dinosaurBathing dinosaurBathing dinosaurBathing dinosaurBathing dinosaur
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