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Beautiful dancing cacti

Beautiful dancing cacti

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Beautiful dancing cacti 


1. The cactus toy uses polypropylene cotton filler, which is soft and comfortable, safe and healthy.

2. It's good for early education. Toys will jump to the beat of the rhythm, which can attract the attention of children.

3. Toys can sing English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic songs, dance and memorize words, which will give children a happy life. And this is an ideal and interesting toy.

4. Cheerful music and dancing are very suitable for creating a pleasant atmosphere and holding parties.

5. Do not wash in water, avoid high temperature and beware of strong pressure.

Technical specifications:

Size: 32 cm, version with 3 x AA battery (batteries not included) / USB charging version

In the presence of toys with a different set of functions and the number of cacti, choose your best cactus!

Filling material: polypropylene cotton

Stages of work:

1. Turn the black switch at the bottom of the device to the ON position. When it is turned on, the toy will change its voice and learn to speak.

2. Press and hold the record key on the left and hear the "Di" prompt sound, then release the key and press it again to play.

3. Press the Music button on the right, press the Play button, and then press the Switch Songs button


** When the battery device is charged, the red indicator lights up at the bottom, and when the indicator goes out, it means that it is fully charged (it cannot (!) be used when charging).

** When using conventional carbon batteries, toys may appear stuck and not make a sound. If this happens, please replace the batteries. It is recommended to use alkaline batteries!

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