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Beautiful dancing sunflowers

Beautiful dancing sunflowers

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Beautiful dancing sunflowers


1. The sunflower toy uses polypropylene cotton filler, which is soft and comfortable, safe and healthy.

2. It's good for early education. Toys will jump to the beat of the rhythm, which can attract the attention of children.

3. Toys can sing English and Chinese songs to give children a happy life. And this is an ideal and interesting toy.

4. Cheerful music and dancing are very suitable for creating a pleasant atmosphere and holding parties.

5. Do not wash in water, avoid high temperature and beware of strong pressure.

Technical specifications:

Size: 32 cm, version with 3 x AA battery (batteries are not included) 

There are toys in different colors, choose your best sunflower!

 * When using conventional carbon batteries, toys may become stuck and not make a sound. If this happens, please replace the batteries. It is recommended to use alkaline batteries!

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