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Collectible BJD doll Xinyi 1/3

Collectible BJD doll Xinyi 1/3

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Collectible BJD doll Xinyi 1/3

BJD stands for a Doll with Ball Joints. 
BJD - dolls with a thousand-year history.

A hinged doll is a figure made of individual parts. The ball joints of the parts (hinges) repeat the main joints of the human body and provide the doll with high mobility, close to human.

Size: 1/3
Height: 63.8cm
Head circumference: 21.1cm
Neck circumference: 8.4cm
Shoulder width: 11cm
Bust: 22.7cm
Waist: 17cm
Hips: 25cm
Arm length: 20.3cm
Leg length: 38.5cm
Thigh circumference: 14.3cm
Calf circumference: 9.1cm
Ankle circumference: 5.7cm
Foot width: 2.4cm
Foot length: 6.5cm
Eyeball: 14mm
Material: Made of polymer material

Note: There may be small air bubbles, uneven coloring, raised seam lines and a rough surface, due to the characteristics of the resin skin.
We ask you to make a purchase only if you fully understand the problems listed above.
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