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Da Vinci Cylinder Lock

Da Vinci Cylinder Lock

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Da Vinci Cylinder Lock

The Da Vinci lock will open with a password of your choice* and you can change your password at any time. For example, to make it more interesting, you can change the password to the first two words of your and your significant other. Save your notes, poems, jewelry, keys and other valuables. Using this lock is limited only by your imagination and is the perfect way to send someone a special gift. 

The set includes pre-hidden "Lord of the Rings" rings. Size of Magic love rings : Golden ring diameter: 2 cm . Diameter of the silver ring: 1.8 cm.
* Default password: I LOVE YOU

Size: about 15*6cm
Weight: about 720g
Material: Metal 

Package Contents:
1 x Combination Lock 
1 x Gift Box

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