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Elephant for the bathroom

Elephant for the bathroom

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Elephant for the bathroom

Turn bathing into a game!
Noisy children can turn bathing into a nightmare if you are not ready for it! Elephant will help you make every shower pleasant and easy!

A cute elephant toy will distract your children while you wash them, and a soft stream will help you clean them easily without scaring or injuring their small heads.

The toy is easy to install and suitable for any shower. Create the best memories with your kids while you take a shower, smile and enjoy the time spent together in the bath!

Take a shower with pleasure . Let your children enjoy every moment of their bathing with a cute elephant friend next to them!

Keep your smile on . Most conventional shower jets are too strong for babies, the gentle flow of your elephant's water ensures that no one will cry!

Swim in the world - bathing shouldn't be a problem, show your child how fun bathing can be with a toy!

This elephant is the best choice. Gentle, safe and fun. It turns bathing into a pleasant pastime for all participants!

Installation Note:
After opening the back of the toy with a screwdriver, you need to remove the AAA slot inside, and install 4 AAA. 

After installation, return the 4 AAA slot back (note that the springs coincide with the side of the metal plate) and fix the screw.

1. Before installing the suction cup, make sure that the wall or tub is smooth and dry.

2. Select a flat surface. Don't forget to wet the suction cups before putting them on. When you glue, be sure to press the suction cup firmly against the wall and squeeze out the air inside.

Material: ABS and electronic components
Size: 69,5*16*9cm

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