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Eternal magic flowers

Eternal magic flowers

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Eternal magic flowers

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Looking for something a little different? Tired of the same boring gifts from year to year? This rose under glass is a great unique gift idea for a special girl in your life! It's perfect for anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and retirement gifts! A great gift for any grandmother, mother, wife, sister...

Galactic Rose - The glass dome is made of glass, without impurities. The base is made of wood, which has a stable and smooth surface without burrs. A glass domed rose will also look great as a centerpiece in your living room, bedroom and office

A romantic gift - A crystal rose is a romantic gift that will surprise her, make her happy. Creates a bright and romantic atmosphere for your family dinner, wedding, party. LED glass rose is a symbol of appreciation, best wishes, eternal love, passion and romance

Great Home Decor - This galactic rose set in a bright transparent dome is perfect for display in the bedroom, living room, children's room. A glass dome rose will also look great as a central element in your office, bar, shop, cafe.

This colorful rose flower will never fade or die. The eternal rose flower is perfect and flawless. He is full of infinite hope and beauty, like a rainbow. And it will bring you endless love and beauty.

The process of creating this rose gives it infinite preservation. The rosebud is 100% natural. A rose is identical to a real rose, but it is eternal!


This product consists of a natural eternal rose (flower), a thick glass dome and its base. Natural rose petals are also placed on the base. Finally, the LED flashlight (powered by 3 AAA batteries, not included) will improve all this.
The LED garland is made of thin flexible copper wire
The height of the dome is about 26 cm
The width at the base is about 16 cm.

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