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Explosion-proof armored car MRAP 1:12 6X6

Explosion-proof armored car MRAP 1:12 6X6

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Explosion-proof armored car MRAP  1:12 6X6

Product ratio: 1:12
Product size: 65 x 23 x 30 cm
Package size: 83 x 31x 37 cm
Net/Gross weight: 12kg
Axle distance: 32 x 12 cm
Tire distance: 22 cm
Tire diameter: 10 cm
Remote frequency: 2.4Ghz
Remote distance: > 100 m
High-speed gear: 25 km/h (Climbing angle: 30°)
Low-speed gear: 20 km/h ( Climbing angle: 40°)
Maximum wading depth: 5.5 cm
Maximum ditch crossing width: 18 cm
Minimum turning radius: about 1 m
Motor: 540-level large torque brush motor
Servo: 160A independent electronic governor
Remote battery: 1.5V "AA" x 4 (no delivery)
Product material: Alloy, Plastic, Rubber, Electronic components
Protection function: low voltage alarm / high temperature power failure protection / 15A voltage regulator
Product function: Speed switch, Direction switch, Waterproof, Climb, Forward, Backward, Turn left, Turn right, Brake, Light

Configuration parameter:
1. 2.4G (16C channel) automatic frequency linking, full-scale synchronous remote control system
2. 1 9kg high-power digital steering servo
3. The vehicle-mounted turret can be rotated 360° and can be operated by remote control
4. The secondary mechanical gear of the central transmission is adjustable (remote control adjustable)
5. Vehicle "V"-shaped chassis and load-bearing beam structure
6. The axle adopts bevel gears and built-in differential transmission structure
7. Spring steel sheet shock absorber + telescopic double shock absorber
8. Variable stroke CVD spherical universal joint shaft
9. Front and rear independent link type straight bridge hanging system
10. The front comes with a metal anti-collision bumper
11. The hood can be opened, and there is an engine model in the front of the car
12. Highly fine ABS plastic car shell
13. 160A independent electronic governor
14. 6x6/ 6-wheel full-time drive, 540 high torque motor uses planetary gear drive structure
15. The 1:12 full-scale high simulation model of the whole vehicle; simulation interior
16. Upgradable lighting combination and simulation sound combination
17. Upgradeable traction function with winch, high simulation exhaust pipe with smoke function

Package includes:
1 x RC Car
1 x Remote
1 x Battery
1 x Charger
1 x Sticker
1 x Instructions

*Note: This version is not equipped with sound effect group, light group, smoke device, winch device

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