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Floats for swimming

Floats for swimming

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Floats for swimming

The swim floats were inspired by the ship's lifebuoy. The inflatable swimming ring is a water toy, it is easy to break and leak, which can easily lead to accidents such as drowning. Fortunately, our floats solve these problems. Without pumping, there is no leakage or breakage of air. There will be no risk of drowning due to air leakage.

1.【TPU and PU cover fabric】The baby swims without the smell of chemicals. High-quality bathing cloth and TPU film, which looks like leather, but feels like leather. Dries quickly, and bacteria are difficult to multiply on this foamed baby float for swimming.
2.【Fabric 3D cover】 Soft, breathable and elastic textile fabric, similar to a swimsuit. The fabric is pleasant to the skin, and is also easy to wash and dry.

3.【Solid liner】Pearl foam inside, fully sealed waterproof membrane in the middle (easy to dry).

4.【UPGRADED SAFETY BUCKLES】The upgraded safety buckle provides a perfect 40° tilt angle to maintain balance so that the child does not roll over and fall. Upgraded to 2 swimming methods: backstroke and breaststroke with different fastening method. Backstroke swimming is suitable for a child of 3~6 months, breaststroke is suitable for a child of 3~24 months.
 Suitable for children weighing from 13 to 40 pounds. Suitable for children from 3 to 24 months. The adjustable buckle at the back fits most sizes of babies. It's very easy to set up. Unfasten the safety clip and put it on easily. You can pull up as needed to avoid any slip. Helps to move freely in a comfortable position.
【100% Safe vest for children's swimming coach】 The upgraded buckles and straps of this baby float prevent slipping. Add a one-click lock instead of an easy disconnect button. More convenience and security. Patented pearl foam technology, no need to worry about air leakage!
Please note - It is not used to save lives. USE IT UNDER THE CONSTANT SUPERVISION OF ADULTS.

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