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Kakegurui Anime Figure Jabami Yumeko

Kakegurui Anime Figure Jabami Yumeko

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Kakegurui Anime Figure Jabami Yumeko 


Completed models are stationary (as opposed to action figures) figurines, or figurines. The most common sizes of compliments are 1/10 - 1/6, in other words, they are quite large. This is due to their high price and a kind of elite status among the figures. Most of the compliments are made of plastic, but other materials can also be used: Cold Cast, Soft Vinyl, etc.

A stand is almost always attached to the kit – it can be an ordinary plastic "circle" or some kind of beautiful curly design. In the legs of the figurine you will find grooves in which the pins from the stand will stand, and your figurine will stand securely and steadily. Some figures also have interchangeable parts - for example, a replaceable head with a different facial expression or hairstyle, or an alternative weapon in the hand. There are also removable clothes - details that are not glued to the figure and can be removed due to its design. For example, some pretty girls can be broken at the waist and take off their skirt. They often make removable hats, raincoats, etc. Sometimes removable clothing consists of several components made of very soft plastic, interconnected with pins and grooves – such clothes are worn directly on top of the figurine.

Complements, of whatever material they may be– are a rather fragile object. They are carefully packed by manufacturers in large boxes, inside of which they are held stationary with a blister (for PVC) or foam (for Cold Cast). Thin details of figures (hair tips, clothing details, etc.) are usually made of softer plastic so that they do not break off.


Item type: puppets, figure
Recommended age: 4+
Gender: unisex
Size: 22 cm
Theme: anime
Material: PVC
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