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Lightweight beach tent

Lightweight beach tent

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Lightweight beach tent


1. UV protection, sun protection all day in the shade in the park, on the beach, at sporting events or just to relax in the backyard;
2. Practical design allows you to hide from the summer wind, and external pockets with sand and pegs securely hold the tent on the ground.;
3. Assembly is not required, takes shape in seconds, easy to fold;
4. The tent has been specially designed to be light and convenient to transport, you can easily take the tent to the beach or to the park.

Technical specifications:

Tent structure: single-layer construction
Rack material: Steel wire
Size: 142 * 72 * 60cm
Structure of space: One place
Style function: ultra-light, slim
Color: Blue / Orange / Green
Fabric: PA coating (Transparent coating)

The package includes:
1 x Beach tent.
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