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Lufthansa Airlines Airbus A350 1/142 Collectible aircraft

Lufthansa Airlines Airbus A350 1/142 Collectible aircraft

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Lufthansa Airlines Airbus A350 1/142 Collectible aircraft

Lufthansa is headquartered in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, and its main operating base, called the "Lufthansa Aviation Center", is located at Frankfurt Hub Airport. The German government owned 35.68% of Lufthansa shares until 1997, and they are currently owned by private investors (88.52%). Currently, the Lufthansa Group employs more than 135,000 employees from 176 countries.

Airline: Lufthansa Airlines
Aircraft: A350
Ratio: 1/142
Size: Fuselage is about 17.71 inches; Wingtip span: about 18.8 inches; (1 inch=2.54cm)
Material: Solid ABS resin

Instructions for using an airplane model with LED voice control:
Specific steps:
1. Open the power switch on the fuselage, turn on the transmission
2. Applaud the model or tap on the fuselage. The light will come on. The indicator will go off automatically for about 40 seconds.
3. The model contains a lithium battery. When the power runs out, it can be charged using the Android charging head. The model is not equipped with a charger. The charging time is 1 hour. The red indicator turns off automatically after filling.

* The model comes with removed wings and wheels, which you can install yourself. This is done for safe transportation.
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