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Miniature Stirling Engine

Miniature Stirling Engine

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 Miniature Stirling Engine      


This model of Stirling engine is made according to the principle of operation of the hot air machine. All metal is safe and durable. The unique shape creates novelty. This is a new fashion gift and collectible.
The engine uses a high-power boiler design with alcohol lamps running continuously for about 30 minutes at a time; the steam channel and bottom plate are integrated, safe and durable; the flywheel, power cylinder and power piston are made of brass; the boiler and bottom plate are made of aluminum alloy. The surface has been oxidized and does not change color for a long time. The remaining components are made of stainless steel. The axles are connected by miniature bearings.

Instructions for use:
1. Set the engine model to the horizontal position.
2. Carefully turn the flywheel by hand to check whether the flywheel rotates smoothly.
3. Add a small amount of alcohol to the alcohol lamp, do not fill it too much.
4. Slowly move the alcohol lamp under the heating end of the model.
5. After heating for 30 seconds, start gently moving the flywheel manually until the flywheel can rotate automatically.
6. After full heating, do not touch the heating end and the boiler with your hands (danger of high temperature!).

Product Parameters:
Complete machine: length 215 (L) x 115 (W) mm x 175 (H) mm; Flywheel: diameter 90 mm; 
Boiler: diameter 55 mm, length 71 mm; 
Alcohol lamp size: 36 mm x 38 mm.

Meaning and value of use:
The product can be used as a decoration that has a collectible value. The principle of operation of the Stirling engine model is intuitive. It can be used as an educational toy to develop children's interest in learning. It can also be used as an educational experimental device for classroom use. Simple and convenient, entertaining and fun, thanks to practical use, a more intuitive understanding of the principles of the Stirling engine model.

Age: 8 +

Package Contents:

1 x Stirling Engine Model
1 x Alcohol Lamp

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