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New! Exclusive! Loop stand

New! Exclusive! Loop stand

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New! Exclusive! Loop stand

Take your seat. It's time to experience the thrill of your favorite roller coaster rides again. But wait – there's no hurry. This Loop Coaster stand is a construction project for adults. So take your time to create all the details of this functional roller coaster model.

Twists and turns
The gravity-powered roller coaster is equipped with 1 train and a boarding station with opening barriers and a control panel. Lower the rungs to secure the passengers in the roller coaster carts. Then release the brake to guide the train to the foot of the elevator lift. Turn on the lift and enjoy the ride while the carriages whizz through the loops and turns of the roller coaster.

Where does this take you next?
Spend your time usefully with the help of modern kits created specifically for adults who love exciting builds and impressive demo models.

Building Roller Coasters for Adults – Expand your collection with this collectible Loop Coaster Building Kit. A project for adults and a gift idea for amusement park lovers
Power Up Your Roller Coaster – Designed with reality in mind, this prefabricated model is prepared for Powered Up (sold separately) so that you can upgrade your roller coaster with a motorized elevator.
Fairground Details – Accessories include a park bench with a map, a balloon cart, a pretzel cart, a hot dog stand, a height marker and a covered landing pad with opening barriers and a control panel.
11 minifigures – includes an attraction operator, a balloon seller, a pretzel seller, a hot dog seller, a grandmother, a little boy and 5 racers. 6 minifigures have reversible heads to show different emotions
Create an exhibit – put it on public display to admire the many details packed into this fairground model.
A gift for roller coasters - please an amusement park lover or an adult designer with this set, which offers an exciting construction project, as well as a collectible exhibit that can be treasured.
Dimensions – The dimensions of the model are more than 36 inches (92 cm) high, 33.5 inches (85 cm) wide and 13.5 inches (34 cm) deep.
Project for Adults – This set is part of a series of prefabricated model sets designed for adult construction enthusiasts who love stunning design, intricate details and elegant construction
High–quality materials - building bricks are made of high-quality materials. They are consistent, compatible and easy to connect and disconnect each time: this has been the case since 1958.
Safety is guaranteed – With our designers, safety and quality come first. That's why they are thoroughly tested, so you can be sure that this model is reliable

Also pay attention to the following set!

Get in line for your ticket to the fairground attraction — amazing Roller Coaster! Walk along the winding path around the fountain, buy a soda at the kiosk, and then measure your height at the attraction. It makes no sense to stand on your toes, because the security officer will once again check your height on the platform with a special stick! Walk through a crowded landing station, open the barrier and sit back comfortably. Before the train starts moving towards the first lift, do not forget to fasten the safety beam. Hold on tight on the first ascent. Then hold your breath and get ready to scream while driving on a steep incline, driving through myriad sharp turns! But don't forget to smile at the camera. Buy a photo from an unforgettable ride on the attraction and share your impressions at the cotton candy cart. Then study the amusement park map and plan your next adventure. Or will you ride the roller coaster again? This model is distinguished by stunning detail and a lot of magical details that will ignite your imagination!

1. Material: High quality ABS plastic
2. Quality and safety: The building blocks are made of high quality and durable non-toxic green material.
3. Includes: building blocks, all figurines, all accessories and assembly instructions.
- Available set of 3756; 4629 building blocks compatible with well-known brands
- High level of detail
- Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic. Harmless to the child's health.
Attention: Our products are delivered without the original box (new in sealed packaging), so you can save time and money on delivery.

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