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New Stirling Engine

New Stirling Engine

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New Stirling Engine


This Stirling engine model is new and unique on a wooden base.

The amount of air conductivity can be adjusted using the upper handle to control the speed of the Stirling motor, which makes it easy to observe the dynamics of operation.
The main parts are made of aluminum alloy and brass, which are strong and durable. The heating cylinder is made of quartz glass with a low coefficient of expansion and high temperature resistance.

Fuel: 95% alcohol (not included) must be prepared. Do not add water, kerosene, gasoline, lighter, liquor, etc
. Starting method: Place the Stirling engine model on a horizontal table, add two-thirds of 95% alcohol to the alcohol lamp, light and heat for 30 seconds, then turn the flywheel and the engine can work.
Principle of operation: the Stirling engine produces power due to the cycle of cooling, compression, heat absorption and expansion of air in the cylinder.

Meaning: Thanks to practical control, you can observe the operation of the entire engine, more intuitively understand the principle of operation of the Stirling engine and deepen your interest in the study of physics.

Gift: It can be used as a high-quality desktop decoration due to its excellent quality and exquisite appearance, and also as an exquisite gift to your friends, family and other people.
Age: 14+

Technical specifications:

Materials: metal + wood + quartz glass.
Product dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
Product weight: 320 g. 
Package dimensions: 11.5 x 11.2 x 11 cm.
Package weight: 380g. 
Packing: carton

Package Contents:
1 - Stirling engine model
1 - alcohol burner

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