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NEW stylish automatic pet leash, retractable

NEW stylish automatic pet leash, retractable

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NEW stylish automatic pet leash, retractable


1、Super Comfortable Handle: The outer handle is made of hard PC and the inner handle is made of soft TPE, which provides excellent hand feeling even when held for a long time.

2. Dual lighting system for night walks: - Equipped with LEDs, even a dark night walk is full of fun. Provide more security at night, energy saving

3. Durable Dog Safety Buckle System: - Using reinforced metal to create a buckle system that not only keeps your dogs safe, but also allows you to change the leash with one simple push.

Charging status indicator

1. Low battery: red

2. Charging status: orange

3. Full battery status: blue


1. Size: Handle size: 93 x 161 x 50mm. Charging station size: 169 x 64 x 30 mm.

2. Leash length: 3m/4.5m

3. Material: TPE with BioCleanAct.

4. Battery: 800mAh (supports rechargeable battery)

5. Rated voltage: 5V. 7. Maximum load: dog weight <30kg.

6. Suitable for: outdoor running, walking, travel, entertainment.
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