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Skidder 1:50

Skidder 1:50

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Skidder 1:50

Wheeled skidding tractors (also known as skidders) are designed to perform logging operations. Often these vehicles are used in conjunction with felling-bagging machines, in some cases - as auxiliary equipment for fellers with chainsaws. The main task of the skidder is to carry out the transportation of logging by partial loading, that is, by dragging.

Characteristics and details:
* Detailed cabin interior, including operator
* Authentic yellow car coloring 
* Authentic corporate identity 
* Realistic tires
* Swing, articulation and multiple moving parts

Technology: Injection Molding

 Scale 1:50

Product dimensions: 7,125 x 2,875 x 3.5 inches
* Is a collectible model

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