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Tesla Music Reel V2.0

Tesla Music Reel V2.0

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Tesla Music Reel

A mini musical Tesla coil that can create high-frequency, high-voltage alternating current and create an electromagnetic wave. It has wireless transmission function, can light gas tubes and play a lot of music in excellent quality. It is an ideal educational tool to arouse students' interest in science, and can also be a wonderful gift.

Coils use epoxy resin coating, have high strength and beauty.
Built-in radiator with cooling fan, which has a high cooling capacity and ensures reliability of long-term operation.
The secondary coil part is removable, the upper part can be replaced with various accessories to achieve various functions.
The design of the anti-interference circuit, it will not be affected by high-frequency electromagnetic signals, so you can be sure of using.
The Tesla coil can create an electromagnetic field of high frequency and high pressure, so that lamps containing conductive gases can be illuminated by an electromagnetic field.
It is also a plasma speaker, when we connect the Tesla coil to the sound playback device, the arc will play music.
It can be connected to various music playback devices to directly play music in any format with excellent sound quality and volume.
With the function of ion windmill, the arc is a high temperature plasma, it can heat the air to create thrust to make the ion wind rotate.
Ion wreath function, we use thin elastic metal wire as the discharge end, when the coil starts to work, the arc throws out an arc to create traction, the arc will shake and rotate due to the instability of the thin wire.

Name: Tesla Coil
Material: Printed circuit board
Color: Optional
Voltage: 24 V DC, 3A
Item Size: 72 * 72 * 175 mm / 2.83 * 2.83 * 6.89 in

Package contents:
1 * Tesla Coil
1 * Adapter
1 * Audio Cable
1* Bag with accessories
1 * Manual
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