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Unpainted 46 cm reborn kitten

Unpainted 46 cm reborn kitten

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Unpainted 46 cm reborn kitten

[Friendly Advice]

This product is an empty set of dolls, unpainted and not installed, the picture of the finished product is for reference only. Resin glue can be used for gluing, and acrylic paint can be used for painting (these products are purchased separately).

Product Information:

• Doll size: about 8 inches tall, excluding tail (tail length 6 inches)

• Material: eco-fur of the highest quality, large shiny glass eyes, eco-friendly acrylic paint and a unique plastic frame.The frame is made of plastic to make the chain a buckle that can be stretched, twisted. It is safer, unlike an iron, while there is no risk of puncture, and it can meet the safety requirements for children.

• Limb: A handmade plush fantasy animal made of modern and durable materials, is not afraid to fly, shake, spin and even fall! Feel free to play the way you like!

Packing list:
1 * Head  
2 * Hands
2 * Feet
2 * Years
2 * Eyes
1 * Skeleton
1 * Cloth body
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