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Air Tech Claw Rig RC

Air Tech Claw Rig RC

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Air Tech Claw Rig RC

For its 30th anniversary, the legendary Air Tech Claw Rig has been revived and is now fully motorized. The goal of this set, is to improve the performance and functionality of the original 1992 version by using modern available parts and electronics. The model consists of 3,644 parts and weighs about 3 kg. The steering can be controlled manually or with a remote control.
Feature Summary:

The PF (steering) Servo Motor can be separated from the front axle assembly to toggle the steering functionality. Pneumatic air tanks replace their cosmetic predecessors, allowing for smooth, simultaneous operation of all functions with a large reservoir. As a safety feature, there is a relief system that uses a pole reverser & small piston to turn off the compressor if the pressure is built up too high. Each pneumatic switch is actuated by a Servo Motor assembly. The ability to fine-tune the angle of the motor output translates to the amount of air flow (and thus speed) of the pistons. 

Crane Functions are: Boom, Jib, Claw Open & Close, Claw Rotate. The Crane arm also utilizes shock absorbers to dampen downward movement. Power Functions include: 1 M motor, 2 L motors, 5 servo motors, 1 buggy motor, 2 battery compartments and 2 remote controls.
.The eco-friendly, colorful product made of premium-quality ABS plastic features smooth hand feel for safe assembly and snap-together bricks for a sturdy locomotive.
.Electronic graphic instructions stored in a USB flash disk is included for easy assembly.
.The assembled set makes an ideal display, decor for and educational gift for friends or other important people during back-to-school seasons and holidays.
.The set suitable for people over 8 comes with small particles inside, be careful to use and place. For any questions about assembly, contact us in time.

Dimensions W/D/H 49.6 x 17.2 x 20.8 cm
Weight 3kg
Material ABS
LED Kits Not Included

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