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Airport fire truck on remote control

Airport fire truck on remote control

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Airport fire truck on remote control 

This model can be loaded with water and can release water from its nozzles! All this, as well as the drive, steering and direction of the nozzles are controlled from your remote control. 
Introducing one of the largest models of building blocks ever created. 

This is a fully remote controlled version of the famous airport fire truck that most of us have seen at major airports around the world. The model uses 13 motors to control all its individual functions. All functions can be controlled remotely using the built-in electrical system.

Approximate dimensions: 110 cm x 26 cm x 47 cm

Main Features:

- More than 6600 pcs.
- More than 1 m in length
- More than 7 kg after assembly
- 2 battery compartments
- 1x Remote Control
- 3x large electric motors with high torque
- 4x small electric motors with high torque
- 2 electric servomotors
- 4x XL high torque electric motors
- Arrow with remote control
- Fully remote controlled water fire extinguisher mounted on the boom
- Fully remote controlled front 
- Water fire extinguisher
- 4-wheel steering
- 8-wheel drive
- 4 Differentials
- 4 Live axles with independent suspension
- Transverse stability stabilizers
- Removable retractable ladder
- Opening doors
- Opening side hatches
- Opening side panels
- Opening rear hatches

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