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Astro Boy a collectible model

Astro Boy a collectible model

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Astro Boy a collectible model
Osamu Tezuka is a famous Japanese manga author and his best known creation is the world-renowned children’s series Astro Boy (1952-68), also known as Mighty Atom.
Astro Boy is set in the near future, where robotic technology has become so advanced that it is threatening to radically transform human culture. Not only has the loss of many human jobs to robots led to social upheaval, but the robots themselves have become so sophisticated that mankind must begin to recognize them as another sentient species.

In Astro Boy(1952-68), Tezuka uses robots as an allegory to explore issues of prejudice and racial intolerance. The robots (and the humans who support them) often face a fierce political and social struggle to secure robot rights against humans who, fearful of change, often offer violent resistance. However, possessing the world’s most sophisticated and human-like computer brain, Astro Boy serves as a bridge between humans and robots, fighting to defend both races and establish peace and friendship between them.
Astro Boy a collectible modelAstro Boy a collectible modelAstro Boy a collectible modelAstro Boy a collectible modelAstro Boy a collectible modelAstro Boy a collectible model【Official Licensed By Tezuka Production】
Educational Pantasy collectible toy building set, inspired By Osamu Tezuka's Japanese Comic - Astro Boy (1952-68), also known as Mighty Atom, help adults and kids to develop their creativity, bravery and resilience through hours of immersive building and play.

【Ideal For Play and Display】
This 1,258-piece collectible building kit gives adult asto boy and tech fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in creative construction and childhood memory. Great for spending quality time alone or with the family, this amazing, collectible model makes a unique birthday or holiday gift for yourself, brick fans, lovers of all things Mechanical.

【Intimate Installation Guides and Easy To Assemble】
Clearly labeled Individual packaging and HD Printed Instructions, exclusive bricks separator, let you build PANTASY bricks more easily.

【Add To Your Collection】
This Astro Boy building kit is one of most collectible PANTASY build-to-display series. Each particle has been carefully polished, 30%+ Handmade metallic paint part, printed pieces instead stickers.All this is to ensure the best assembly experience for customers. It is the great decoration for home or office, your desk.

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