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Automatic Ball Thrower

Automatic Ball Thrower

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Automatic Ball Thrower

Are you worried about your dog feeling lonely when you don't have time to play with him? Then an interactive tennis ball thrower, in which the dog can play by itself and simultaneously perform exercises-this is what you need!

This is a good helper for dog/cat training: teach the dog to throw the ball into the car and wait until the ball rolls down the track.

It is an automatic toy that allows you to free your hands and let them play with the dog.

Don't let your furry friends feel bored biting your furniture: Encourage them to do more exercise while having a healthier body.

Main Material: ABS
Color: Grey, White
Size: 21*26*27cm
How to use:

Press the power switch for three seconds to turn the toy on or off. After starting, press several power switches respectively to select the ejection distance of 3 meters/6 meters/9 meters. The automatic interactive launcher has an infrared sensor scanning every 10 seconds. You can deliver the ball every 10 seconds. Order now!
The package includes:
1 x Ball Thrower
3 x tennis balls*

* please use ONLY 5cm tennis balls to avoid malfunction

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