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Bunker Buster NINKA

Bunker Buster NINKA

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Bunker Buster NINKA

The Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster, also known as the Bunker Buster, the Resistance Bunkerbuster, or the Resistance cruiser, was a type of corvette model constructed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation and used during the First Order-Resistance War by the Resistance. Vice Admiral Family Holdo commanded a Bunker Buster known as the Ninka for the Resistance.

The Free Virginia was a class of corvette. It was armed with powerful bunker buster plasma bombs, turbolaser turrets that had dedicated power outputs, and a complement of bomber craft or a squadron of A-wing starfighters that could dock on its reinforced pylons.

Technical specifications:
- There are 13906 parts in the set
- Size: approximately 132.5cm long , 81cm wide, 28.5 high for a weight of 14kg
- Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic. Harmless to the child's health
- Compatible with all major brands

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Bunker Buster NINKABunker Buster NINKABunker Buster NINKABunker Buster NINKA

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