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Classic Gramophone with Music

Classic Gramophone with Music

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Classic Gramophone with Music

The History of Gramophone

The gramophone, invented by the American Edison in 1877, is generally regarded as a miracle in the 19th century. It is a machine that records and reproduces sound through analog signals. In the 1940s, the gramophone was the main music player, and it can still be seen on the screen. After the 1960s, people gradually entered the digital age, and the gramophone gradually faded out of people's vision. However, the sounds recorded in the analog signal era are still played through the gramophone, which is more classic and precious.


【Vintage & Classic Design】This gramophone is a perfectly designed DIY puzzle wooden craft kit that can play vinyl records in real life.

【Sophisticated Details】3-Speed(33/45/78RPM) Turntable, ruby record head, suitable for 7/10 inch vinyl record, complimentary 7-inch record(3 music). Electric rotate mode/ hand rotate mode.

【Self-Assembly】This 3D wooden Puzzel cut with exquisite laser technology, 424 pcs. No tools nor glue needed, you just follow the english manual with pictures provided, finished size 8.9*10.3*16.9 inch.

【Decent Gift & Decoration】This is an amazing gift for adults and teens on Christmas, New Year, birthday, Valentine's Day and a perfect decoration for home, office, meeting room, coffee shop and bookstore.

【Fun Entertainment & Challenge】Intellectual game for adults and kids. Working together with family or friends to complete a puzzle can not only exercise logicality and sensory coordination, but also give you a chance to develop a closer relationship and create a joyful atmosphere.

FAQ: 1. What's the difference between "Manual Version" and "Electric Version"?

Manual version: Need to keep shaking the handle to play music
Electric version: It can play music by hand or electric power on to play music automatically

Product Information

Comes with a vinyl record containing 3 music:
The Merry Gent, Memory Of A Dance, The Giant Killers.
Wood piece:424 pcs;
Assembly time: about 8 hours.
Recommend age: 14+
Weight: 1kg;
Assemble size: 226*261*429mm
Package size: 317*235*83 mm
* Glue and Wax are not included, please prepare them yourself.
Since they are banned from international air transportation, we will not be able to send them. Please understand this. Instead of wax, you can use a candle. Thanks for understanding.
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