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Collectible aircraft Air France Concorde 1/162

Collectible aircraft Air France Concorde 1/162

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Collectible aircraft Air France Concorde 1/162

Supersonic model of the Air France Concorde aircraft
The Concorde airliner uses a curved leading edge of a thin triangular wing, a thin fuselage, the main material is aluminum alloy, it is equipped with 4 Rolls-Royce Olympus 593 turbines with an afterburner. A jet engine with a single thrust of more than 38,000 pounds.

Aviacompany: France Airways
Aircraft: Concorde
Ratio: 1/162
Size: 47 * 12 * 21 cm
Material: Alloy

1. Using the new generation technology, the dust-free spray paint body has no grit.
2. The color of the painting is saturated, and the dot will not fall off for a long time.
3. The fuselage and wing parts are made with a high imitation of a real machine, and the overall workmanship is exquisite.
4. For products with wheels, the wheels can be rotated and the front wheels can be guided.
5. It is suitable for furniture decoration, personal collection, aviation gifts, and is a good product for collection and gifts.
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