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Creative balancing lamp

Creative balancing lamp

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Creative balancing lamp


1. Warm light effect. It is best suited for decorating desks, bedside tables or coffee tables to create a warm atmosphere.

2. Easy to operate. You can use two magnetic wooden balls to control the light. When you lift the wooden ball from below, it is attracted to the ball from above, so the light is on. Otherwise, the light goes out

3. Elegant appearance. The lamp uses a design in which the lighting element is built into the frame so that the light can find its way out. This soft curve makes the eyes and calmness easy

4. Fine workmanship. Smooth surface and high light transmittance of the lampshade. It can still be appreciated as a work of art in your home or office.


Cable length: 1 meter
Power: 3 W
Minimum voltage: 5V
Color temperature: 2700K
Service life: more than 20,000 hours
Power Source: USB charging
Light source color: Warm white
Plug Type: Type-C to USB
Creative balancing lampCreative balancing lampCreative balancing lampCreative balancing lampCreative balancing lampCreative balancing lamp
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