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Creative Middle Finger Sculpture

Creative Middle Finger Sculpture

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Creative Middle Finger Sculpture

Decorative Household Accents: Show your irreverent side by setting out this middle finger figurine to flip the bird with your decorative household accents. Use as a paperweight on a disk, an ornament on an entryway console table, a centerpiece on a coffee table, or given as a fun novelty item.

Most Creative: Sure to start conversations and bring a lot of laughter to most environments. invite a little life into your space. Display your favorite jewelry and other hand accessories. Grab one for a simple effect. Grab a couple or a few for an item display that looks alive. Mix and match several styles strategically over a choice wall decal, painting, or backdrop, and watch your efforts burst into life in a dazzling display. A white coat finish invites you to get a little more creative.


Theme: People
Material: Resin
Feature: home accessories
Size: 20 х 9см
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