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DF-41 Intercontinental Ballistic missile

DF-41 Intercontinental Ballistic missile

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DF-41 Intercontinental Ballistic missile

The Dongfeng-41 (DF-41) is a 4th generation intercontinental ballistic missile that is mobile on the road and is a key component of deterring China's nuclear triad. 

The DF-41 ICBM is carried on a vehicle, the largest in the PLA Missile Forces. The DF-41 has a maximum flight range of 15,000 km, a maximum speed of Mach 25 and the possibility of multiple independent guidance on the lander, which allows you to carry several nuclear warheads and penetrating baits. 
These features are crucial for China in its ability to provide mutually assured destruction against any other nuclear power.
Product Features: 
- in a set of 1868 pieces and an instruction manual
- high detail of the rocket 
- possibility to be erected
Dimensions: length 63 cm x height 65 cm (assembled) 

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