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Electric massager for cats

Electric massager for cats

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Electric massager for cats

1. Soft brush made of soft ABS plastic. Use the skin massage machine as a skin brush to avoid direct contact with the claws on the skin and not damage the pet's skin. 
2. Four massagers with 76 small contacts can work both clockwise and counterclockwise, imitating human fingers, providing your pet with an unforgettable massage experience. It helps with blood circulation, and can also increase the purity of the coat, help remove dirt. 
3. Reduces general anxiety and stress by providing multiple levels of massage, improving blood circulation and helping with stomach upset. This massager can help increase your pet's blood circulation and relax tense muscles that are usually caused by fear of thunder and thunderstorms, fireworks or other loud noises.
4. The massager is equipped with an arc anti-slip handle, which is suitable for palm and finger grip. One-button control is convenient for massaging your pets. Please note, it is very important to first accustom your pet to a massager. 
5. Built-in lithium battery and USB charging: The built-in 600mAh lithium battery can be quickly charged from an external battery on the street or charged directly from a phone charger at home. (Does not include AC plug, only USB charging cable)

Product Specification:
Low noise: less than 50dB, 360° rotation, massage/disassembly and cleaning.
Rated voltage: DC 5V. Rated power: 5 watts.

Instructions for use:
1. Press once for slow speed (160 beats/min)
2. Press a second time for fast speed (200 beats/min) 
3. Press three times for reverse massage
4. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off

A. Food grade silicone contacts, flexible and elastic, the force contacts the skin more evenly without irritation.
B. Easy to clean, the contacts are removable and can be cleaned at any time
C. Easy to disassemble and clean, it is recommended to wash with warm water at a temperature of 5℃-40℃ to protect the contacts and use them for a longer time.
D. Charging via USB interface is convenient (USB data charging cable is included)
E. It can usually be fully charged for about 2-3 hours.

Charging status:
When charging: the red indicator flashes
When fully charged: the green indicator is always on
When in use: the white indicator flashes
Electric massager for catsElectric massager for catsElectric massager for catsElectric massager for catsElectric massager for catsElectric massager for catsElectric massager for catsElectric massager for catsElectric massager for cats
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