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Favorite cats - paintings, drawings by numbers

Favorite cats - paintings, drawings by numbers

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Favorite cats - paintings, drawings by numbers

A painting is a masterpiece that you can create with your own hands, even if you don't know how to draw at all. Just paint over the sectors with paint of the corresponding color number. A very exciting process. Day after day, the picture will become brighter and more colorful. And when you're done, you won't even believe that you drew it all! Your masterpiece will attract the attention of all guests!

Technical specifications:

Frame: without frame; frame with your own hands
Paint Type: Propylene
Material: Canvas
Dimensions: 50x60 cm; 60x75 cm
Packaging: rolled up in a bubble bag or a cardboard box.
What's inside: Tools: 1 canvas / 3 brushes / 1 set of paints / A ready-made frame or a kit for assembling with your own hands (depending on which version you choose).
Pay Attention: If there is a bit dry in the process of painting , can be into 1 to 2 drops light agent or water (no more drops)in the paint, stir well after. As soon as possible finished in 1 to 2 months after open the sketchpad.
If the time is too long,the lines will be shallow to affecting the painting.
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